Ambient Guitar & Soundscape: Down, Up & Down

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This composition consists of three different parts that reflect some of my common approaches to Ambient Guitar. Tutorial infographics is included.
The first part is a thoughtful and melancholic instrumental piece in style that I got used to describe as Depressionism.

The second part is a rhythmic piece in 7/8 measure with short repetitive melodic phrases played over changing bass line that highlights the harmony.

The third piece is a classical guitar Soundscape built on the principle of Frippertronics.

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Depressionism, Part 7: Mapping the World

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I have composed this short piece many years ago, but it has never been recorded. Seems like it’s time has finally come). The first part of the piece (reprised in the final) was influenced by Pat Metheny’s great acoustic album “A Map of the World” released in 1999. So the video’s name is a deep bow to the Master and this beautiful album.
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Ambient Guitar Tips: SoundScape #18

In this video I wanted to make a long relaxing and contemplative soundscape as a basis for later guitar improvisation.

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Guitar Delay: Hummering Bird

This is a very short Frippertronics video inspired by Strymon TimeLine’s 2500 ms delay). 2,5 sec delay let you loop a pretty long phrase, so I used it in the simplest way possible – just to repeat the sound from Roland VG-99 (which is on the contrary highly delayed).

The trick with a Boomerang III looper was to play a flute note E and start recording of the rhythm guide with another hand at the same time. This short loop let me prepare for recording of the second phrase and free my hands to play.

Slow music now. Ambient Guitar: Soundscape #17

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This video has two loops – harmonic and melodic. Simple three chords sequence – F#m / D / A. Harmonic structure is built with +7 harmonizer in Roland VG-99, additional bass layers were played with an ebow. Melodic structure doesn’t fit the harmony length so that it could float through the harmony. I planned the melody to be reversed later when the loop would be closed.

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Ambient Guitar: Depressionism, Part 3

This is another piece that stylistically belongs to two concepts I like a lot: “ambient guitar” and “depressionism”.

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Equipment used:
Godin Multiac Steel SA
Strymon BigSky
Fishman Aura Spectrum DI (preset: Dreadnought #3, 40% blend)

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Немного Фриппертроники Вам в уши)

The idea behind this video was to build some kind of Frippertronics looping “system” using minimum number of devices.

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Ambient Guitar: Dropping

Ambient Guitar: Dropping (Godin Multiac Steel, Strymon TimeLine and BigSky, Fishman Aura, Roland VG-99)

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Ambient Guitar: Depressionism, Part 1

This “song” is my favorite in the series of Depressionism ambient guitar / instrumental music. And perhaps it is the shortest) Hope you will enjoy it!
I think it is as sad and thoughtful as it was meant to be for the conception of Depressionism. It is also as airy, spatial and atmospheric as it should sound in Ambient as far as I understand “ambient music”.