Ambient Guitar Tutorial: Two Stacking Delays dotted – Strymon Timeline, Roland VG 99

Образовательное. А вот и содержательный, надеюсь, тьюториал по следам прошлого видео...

This tutorial was planned to be an illustration of how I formed the rhythmic structure of the main part in my previous video...

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Что ты сделал для трип-хопа?!)

This is a short video that I did with “trip-hop” guitar sound in mind.

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"Давно не брал я в руки шашек..."
Новый саундскейп. Пятнадцатый.

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It’s been a looong looong time since I got down my Roland GR-33 guitar synth from a top shelf. Now I’m ready for new experiments with it… The main reason why I didn’t use it in Live soundscaping much was that it took a lot of space on a floor and it enlarged my stomp-boxes bag nearly twice when I traveled))) Well maybe not twice, but let’s say “significantly”…

Now I’m back to it. And it’s definitely worth playing! Especially if you want to make your sound as fat as possible. Saying that I don’t mean you should sound like an orchestra all the time, but sometimes we all would like to)

Another reason to use guitar synth is that GR will surely vary your soundscapes. At first you will use it much then you will use it less, but finally you will find a good place for that in your mix. Maybe it will be on a top shelf for a while)

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Ambient Guitar: No Disputaion

Ну вот и новое видео подоспело... Пока ещё иголки не осыпались решил ёлку в кадр запустить – пусть хотя бы в виртуальном мире подольше просуществует – красивая она у меня в этом году)...

Посвящается одному крайне дорогому мне человеку)...

...а ещё папу с Днём рождения, он всё равно не будет смотреть это видео, но так... Папа, с Днём рождения!!!

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Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this video is that I used an alternative tuning on the first layer guitar – Godin Multiac Steel SA. I dropped 3rd string to Gb. It was more convenient to play what I was going to play this way.

Another remark is about composition itself. Usually I build an order of layers first that form a basis for later melodic playing. This time the second layer was the melody and only after that I added a couple of pads to make the overall sound fatter. Since the composition was meant to be short (4 minutes) I thought it would be nice to introduce the melody first so that it went through the whole composition. The listener gets familiar with it after it is played 2 or 3 times and doesn’t get tired of it for the composition is short.

This time I used nearly all 30 seconds for the loop that Strymon TimeLine lets you possibly play.

My gear and software:

Godin Multiac Steel SA
Godin Multiac ACS Nylon SA
Fishman Aura Spectrum DI
Roland VG-99
Strymon TimeLine
Strymon BigSky
Lexicon Omega
Sony Vaio
Cubase 5

Thanks for watching!